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indesertum, there are alot of companies right now that have taken the concept of the skate bannana(reverse camber), just look at other companies and you should be able to find not only a better deal but a board that doesn't have as much going on with the graphics. The only thing the skate bannana has that htese don't is the magna traction edges, which scare the hell out of me on rails.
Well for your sake I hope all you ride is powder, because that is all that board is good for, as for me all I ride are capitas, going to try my first reverse camber board this year.
3.6 mi 25:30
I have been eyeing their duffel coat for a few weeks as well. I will probably take the plunge eventually and buy it. The price isn't high enough to scare me away from it if it isn't that great of quality.
late night run last night, 5.2 miles 37:30
In response to the OP, I was once told the way a man should deal with their eyebrows isn't by tweezing them, but by putting gel in them and combing them upward. Then you trim the the hair that is sticking up above the eyebrow line. Seemed to work for me the few times I have done it.
If he doesn't size down 3 he should be fine. Just wear a belt so they don't stretch, I sized down 2 at the time but what is now 1 and I have a fit alot similar to my 514s. Like the person said above though, it would be worth it to just get a nicer pair from the start than apc's. I still recommend checking out 3sixteen since they fit your criteria of being under 200 and are definatly better quality.
You should be fine with the NS. I just measured the hem on my 31s and it is right under 8.2. The NS isn't that slim of a cut it is just a straight leg with a slight taper, pretty much just like a 514. imo the rescue would be to big. Also though you should check out 3sixteen straight legs. Self Edge carries them and it is a better built jean if you ask me.
Any chance of doing these same chambrays in the future. 2 per size seems like a pretty small run and I doubt I will be able to pick one of the mediums up this week.
well I guess I can start adding to this thread. 4.7 miles 32:30. Getting ready for hood to coast in a couple weeks
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