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Hmm if anyone is at the SF Uniqlo and they have the Slim Twill Jeans in dark grey size 33 I would appreciate a proxy. There you go.
I think Benesyed just lacks any basics what so ever in his wardrobe. Everything he wears seems to be a bit over designed. Instead of focusing on picking up key pieces like Yohji, I think you would be better off focusing on basic things for now to replace the things you have, especially if you are trying to make your money go the furthest.
Actually most ground beef carries e.coli. Considering there are strains that can kill you within a few hours of ingesting, I will pass on that shit. Benesyed, did you not learn about this shit in any Biology classes? Crazy you can become a surgeon and not know this basic stuff, I learned this shit in high school human bio.
Would rather just cop a Uniqlo cashmere and call it good. I am sure the Everlane will be better quality, but they need to show improvements on their cuts for me to think of spending $100+ on a single item from them.
That Attachment MA-1 is so nice, I say go for it.
Yeah that did not look good at all. Could be a broken leg if he is lucky, but looked more like his knee just got destroyed.
Long tees are nice but they need a taper. Still haven't ordered anything since my first order. The t-shirts felt nice but were pretty damn thin and the cut wasn't great at all. I still wear my original crew neck though, wish the neck opening was smaller.
People are going to buy that stuff just to try and resell on ebay. The prices on that shit is a joke. I was thinking about trying to get the boots but figured they would be half the price they are listed. I doubt Portland even gets that much stuff in, let alone it makes it to sale.
Would have never guessed those were Android Homme. Like the red ones
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