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Toasty, how can you not find running shorts under $100. Go to the Nike website, 90% of the shorts on there(maybe even 100%) are under $100.
It can definitely be dressed down with a t-shirt if you wanted. I just bought mine as a quick fix to wear to a wedding and it was fine dressed up a bit. I don't think it looks good with indigo denim but black jeans it looks fine.
It is plain but is still nice. That was what I liked about +J, everything was simple but not cheap ass looking. As far as the wool version goes if someone is looking for it, I believe suddenlee told me there were some navy ones still available at one of the stores in NY but that was over a month ago, worth a shot though and I believe they were about $90.
+1. I purchased this through Suddenlee a little over a month ago and it is great. Also if the +J down jacket is your size get it, at $60 it is a steal.
I think the Twill slim fits are based off the Slim fit jeans(not the tapered) so just get a pair of those in black. Might still have that fit in white in stores if you could find a proxy.
Not seeing any discount for Wrong Weather. Realized they have a nice leather zip wallet that would be a decent alternative to the no longer available TOJ.
I hope there is more UU to come up online. Really wanted a pair of the grey wool pants after getting my cargos. Also was interested in the down blazer.
Hopefully they get the twill's up online soon. I want the charcoal pair and Uniqlo jeans fit perfect.
Medium should be fine. A bit tight if you layer under though. I have about a 41" chest, was up to 42" a while ago and it still fit fine.
Who makes the polka dot shirt mellow is wearing. Been looking for one but that is the first one I have seen where the dots aren't to big/small.
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