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EFM feels nicer, but the colors mostly suck. I like the lambswool colors better, but only wear with a long sleeve under as it is a bit itchy.
Anyone check out the Portland store and what kind of stock they have? Might head up tomorrow if I get a chance and check it out. Interested in side zips if I can get them cheap and the navy suit.
Having done this on another site. When people enter it they should provide their sizes to the person setting it up/doing the drawing. That way when he emails all the secret santas he can include that information. A lot easier than searching through a thread looking/hoping someone posted their size.
x-post from Uniqlo thread. Threw this on to go run some errands. +J/White T/Black Jeans/B&N
Here is a quick crappy fit of the +J down jacket.
I would say TTS for the +J down, it is fairly slim, more so than the slim fit ultralight down I believe. Might post a fit if I have time of it, I have a 41" chest and the Medium is a bit snug, can't really layer to much other than a few thin layers underneath.
The +J down is more matte than shiny. The black though is more of a really dark navy than a true black, but overall it is a nice jacket, especially at the price they are selling. Think I paid $120 last year for mine when it was on sale.
Quilted shirt, melange trousers, and gradient sweatshirt are all nice.
TOJ did sample sales when Drew wanted to clear shit out, not at the end of every year. Not quite sure how you people are thinking there is going to be a "sale" when Drew hasn't said so himself, only an optimistic poster who knows nothing.
Man toasty I hope you have better sense than to be walking around the city in running shorts. I can see what you have in mind, snake posted a fit last year with shorts and fair isle leggings or long socks and a Geller bomber, but I think it would be much better with actual nice shorts rather than a running pair. But if you insist check out the Nike Phenom 11" shorts.
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