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Man would be so sick if that leather MA-1 was to become available. It is perfect
Got the polka dot shirt in and light padded jacket in white today. Jacket is a bit smaller than measurements but still works, think if I sized up it would be to big.
White sneakers. And how do those Silent boots fit? TTS or size down like CP's?
Someone should kop these side zips. I bought mine a while back and they have been great, and at $135 are a very good deal.
Man I think you would be fine. Half the time I go snowboarding I am good wearing a thermal and a shell. I think you are really overthinking this stuff. If anything just bring extra layers, you can always shed them.
Yes he PM'd me after one of my comments about 2 months ago and I tried to give advice. But since, almost none has been followed. Ben, not everything needs to be a statement piece. Your wardrobe is like half Yohji and half a mix of non SF approved cloths. And you can't really mix and match anything. That is why your fits and everything are all over the place. Like others have said, and I as well, buy more basic stuff that you can incorporate into more the style your...
I think the sweater may be 1 size to small. And no way dude is 9% body fat, look at those chubby cheeks.
I see Benesyed has replaced KOY as the user who doesn't know shit trying to give out advice. I would maybe buy into it except for the fact he posts fits that are not so great every damn day. Can't take any of his advice seriously.
Sounds like a bad fit. I have fairly big thighs so doubt they would work, thanks for the heads up.
How are the color jeans if anyone has tried them?
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