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Here is the link for the "welcome to your doom" flower print I sent KOY. Should have just posted it in the thread but wasn't sure that is what he was talking about.
PM sent
Look like Daytons to me, think RFX had ordered a pair in that disaster of a sale.
Some say the shirts from UK/US are one inch longer in the sleeves than in Asia. I have no first hand experience though.
I have the polka dot shirt in Navy. Fit is like any of their other broad cloth/ efc shirts. Am interested in the other prints though, will probably get one when I order some more stuff.Mine measure 21.5" in a medium. Seems like the measurements match up more with what a small is listed as on their website
It is definitely much lighter than their oxfords. I would say more along the lines of the Extra Fine Cotton shirts.
Those are still so terrible man. These are the ones I was referring too
I have this, it is good for what it is. Definitely looks better in person than the online pictures.
Best blue sole shoes were the Paul Smith Kennedy's. Those up there are terrible
The picture is actually from Kent $'s sale thread. Ronnel is still a moron though.
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