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Yeah I have very fine, wavy hair that is an absolute pain in the ass to do anything with. Wish my hair was a bit thicker.
Any advice on the best dye to use other than rit for dip dying a oxford. Going to make the lower half navy.
Received some of the slim fit oxfords the other day. Fit is basically perfect for me. Only wish the blue was a bit more of a deeper blue.
Thinking of trying the Alpha Industries reissue. Any advice on sizing for a 41" chest, Medium or Large?
LBiker, take a picture of the bomber closed maybe? with it open your upper body has absolutely no shape and looks weirdly large compared to your lower half.
Small wardrobe with pants that have incredibly large thighs maybe? Or large wardrobe of unnecessary pieces and small amount of clothes that actually seem to work? Sorry Ben, just my thoughts.
I have no idea. I am a 41" chest and the mediums work for me, but the measurements on some of my shirts match up with the small measurements posted online. So I would say go with a medium. I ordered a large shirt for the hell of it in a hidden placket and the thing was huge compared to any of the mediums I have.
The white button one looks terrible in the picture online. In person it looks much better. I would recommend ordering whichever you think would work best by the measurements. For me to get the slim fit I was afraid I might have to size up 1 and would have been to long especially for a casual shirt.
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