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How are the slim fit chinos compared to the older Perfect fit. Would I be better going with the Vintage or Slims?
Damn I might finally purchase a pair of Flat Heads since I can try them on. Haven't had a chance to make it to their location in SF when I have been down there.
Please post up a picture when you get it
Remember when I got these back in the day in the prime of Dunks and SB's. Think I still have them actually in a box in my garage.
Ugh that picture settles it, I am going to order a Navy/Black in the next couple days after mulling over a black/sand or navy/sand for the past 2 weeks.
Damn just saw the post on facebook. Now I have to buy something. Going to be between a TOJ0 or a MA-1. Wish this was next month because then I would get a nice bonus at work and just kop both
So where can I find these, only seeing Supergas with a crappy added panel on the side.
Oh they would be back in stock the next day after I place an order I ordered a pair of the dark grey ones so I can let you know how they are when they get here. The grey color looks pretty decent for summer. Might pick up a pair of those if the ones I ordered work out.
If anyone has a white slim fit oxford in size Large they are looking to get rid of let me know. Didn't realize they were on sale and went to buy a few more today and they are out of stock.
Any opinions on the Dry Easy jacket, dry jersey jacket, or the stretch cotton jacket? Looking for just a casual blazer and possibly wear the lapel up.
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