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With TVs on the large side it's not a resolution issue, it's a viewing angle issue. 70" at 6.5' is right about where you have trouble seeing the entire screen at once. I've had home theater projectors in a variety of apts/homes over the last ten years and if you're projecting at a fairly short distance, even 720p won't bother you but 80" is a lot. Which is funny because projectors are actually really practical for small spaces since you wall mount. OTC, your TV probably...
Awesome. You can wear them a size tight or a size loose, wrinkled or fresh. A++ for the money, you probably have to move to $150+ til you find something substantially better.
Eden Prairie is nice for a suburb. Minneapolis is fantastic for a metro area. You will be ecstatic about what you can obtain versus So Cal for the price. Job outlook in MN metro area is strong. If you are living in a suburb you just need a connected garage, parking close to work, and contract snow removal to stay warm. If you are in Minneapolis you can take the skyway everywhere. Hold off on the dog though. On the weekends, you only really need to worry when it gets under...
Saw a great video on Facebook, need to go get some brandy:
Fremont rocks. If you're a beer guy, go to Brouwers and Fremont Brewing. I like 9 Million for bourbon or happy hour. If you want fish, Rock Creek. For lunch, anything at Paseo. Quick walk and you can hit The Whale Wins. Or, the guy who does the Where Ya At Matt truck just opened a place called Roux that should be killer NOLA cuisine. For Korean, Revel. The Barrel Thief is a new place that was doing good cask-aged cocktails the one time I stopped in.
I don't know Black Yak but the fact that they license Marmot in Korea seems a positive to me. Marmot doesn't have the cache of North Face or Patagonia to most people but they make great technical gear. While I'm in this thread, I'll say that I bought one of Nau's trench shells like five years ago and the thing has been awesome. Almost the perfect coat for the application.
Give these guys a shot if you see them on the shelf. Big Gin is pretty decent too.
I don't know, you can probably get away with 200 ppi for the application so you might be able to print 10-12" or so, which will look large in a matted frame, especially if you have multiple prints. How big do you want it? The bigger issue will be the quality of the video transfer and the shot in question. Would be inexpensive to try. Nobody is going to touch this without being licensed.
Get pastries at Macrina and eat them at the Olympic sculpture park (Belltown). Good breweries to check out are Fremont Brewing, Pike Brewing (right next to the market), and Elysian (Cap Hill location is better but Pioneer Square may be convenient). Also good for beer: Brouwers in Fremont. Lots of places serving good cocktails around town. Get a sandwich at Paseo. They're messy. There are locations in Fremont and Ballard. Underground tour is fun but only do it if the...
Price drop!
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