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Quote: Originally Posted by Sprezzatura2010 I second this recommendation, with one additional reason. Most IEM's require continual purchase of filters to keep dust and earwax away from the drivers. I found on my old ones (Etymotic) I needed to replace the filters roughly bimonthly with heavy use, possibly because I regularly just stuff them in my pocket instead of putting them in a case. Apple's ship with removable wire mesh filter that screws off...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Try showering with them on, and use the same shampoo on it. - B what shampoo do you recommend? should I use conditioner?
Quote: Originally Posted by nohomo What does that mean? You don't wash them after each wear? I hope you're at least wearing a shirt underneath. lol yeah i wear a t underneath, i would wear them twice before washing unless they get dirty/i get sweaty plus i usually wear them for a few hours not the full day, as they are super sensitive
I love Lacoste polos and wore them since I was a kid but I've been really upset with the material. Whenever I wash any of their polo's they come out with a white fuzz on top and look a bit wierd. I never have this problem with RL or other polo's. I wash them by color in cold water with Woolite. Does anybody have any recommendations on how to take care of them? I thought maybe warm water would be better? I don't dry the Lacoste's or wash them as frequently as the...
hey im not asian but i have straight, thin hair. people have told me that i have chinese hair a lot although I'm russian.. I tihnk the best thing to do is keep it medium size, get a textured cut, and wax it to make it a bit messy and textured also, MAGIC MOVE by Supremo is a great japanese hair wax, it'll make your hair look fuller, smoother, and nicer. Its perfect for thin straight hair, I've tried other brands and they made my hair look very bad
what kind of styles do these places offer?
Is anybody here a fan of any furniture brands? I am a fan of West Elm but am looking for something better quality.. BoConcept and Design Within Reach makes cool stuff but its quite expensive.
I'd suggest Apple In-Ear Headphones. They sound really good, a lot of clarity and bass (as they have two drivers). They are $79 and come with one year warranty, so if they break, you just go to the Apple Store and get them replaced for free. Second choice is Sennheiser CX-300, the quality is almost as good. They can be found for $25-30 online but they don't come with Apple service. They also lack the remote/mic feature (if you have an iPhone/iPod).
A quick suggestion: Try training antagonists for a change (ie. superset biceps and triceps).. you'll notice good strength and definition. Here are a few good philosophies:
I spent a lot of time researching vitamins and supplements and for accessibility, I'd go with GNC Mega Men. Mega Men and Mega Men Sport is basically the same. The vitamins you find at Rite Aid are usually a waste of time. If you guys want something really advanced, google AOR Ortho-Core, though its a bit pricey.
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