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Good replies here. Thanks for the help so far! I am liking the cheaper Acne's and the Earnest Sewn, that looks to be in the league of what I'm looking for. Maybe I'll try a pair of Nudies sometimes too. I have a question for the Selvedge people.. don't they look kind of wierd when everyone wears blue jeans and you have unfaded black ones? I'm not sure what the point is.. also, are they good for spring or only winter? Since they are very dark.
I would go for Levi's but they don't fit me well.. tried many. Luckies are nice but they don't have the sex appeal of other premium jeans. 7 jeans seem to be spot on as far as washes, fits, and price goes, I just don't like the brand. Any good alternatives?
Acne's are just what I'm looking for, but $399 I'm just a student right now, not that well established yet
Yeah, I agree with you guys. I am looking for a quality jean, just something casual but quality. I know Selvedge is in right now, but where could I get nice, blue washes? I'm searching as we speak. One big difference between 7's and other niche brands is, though they're the same price, I could usually get as much as 25% (plus, maybe sale) at Bloomingdales with their credit card or at, are similar kinds of hook ups available for these jeans?
Yeah, they're good, but I need something more for daily use.. what do you wear? Citizens of Humanity are a personal favorite of mine
Hey, I'm looking to double my denim collection by the time spring comes around, but I can't find any nice brands with good fits and washes. I like 7's, but I feel like $150-200 is a bit much for jeans. Am I on the right track, or is that that the norm? Do you guys think that little sticker on the back pocket is a bit douchebaggish? It's kind of like a statement "hey I payed a forture for these jeans while you wear $40 levi's" How many pairs of jeans do you have,...
Hey guys, I'm wondering if you can help me out. I have a school presentation on Friday, and I need to dress business-ish. I figured I'd go for a shirt, sweater over it, and a pair of jeans? The problem is, I'm not sure where to buy this stuff or how its suppose to be worn. I've heard you're suppose to pick a neutral sweater for the top. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! PS. I live in NYC.
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower $90 Here's others Glenn Jason $70 (He gets rave reviews. Never seen him personally) lol Glenn Jason is the guy I go to.. he's good but not that good with thin hair.. the problem is he gives you what he wants not what you want.. and a lot of the reviews are prob hype
I got two pairs of 7 shorts for a good price, they fit nice (not baggy or street) and have nice color and shape. Good if you're going for vintage. Sign up for their newsletter and get 20% off. has a sale right now, also very nice and light plaid shorts...
Hey the Lacoste colors and designs are the best, thats why I buy them. RL does not have the best selection, plus I hate how the back is longer than the front. The shampoo comment was obviously sarcasm, didn't mean to set off any alarms.
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