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I'm looking for: Quality Selvage Bootcut pair of jeans to add my wardrobe. This will be my first pair of selvage. Sub $200 hopefully. I just dont want anything skin-tight.
What's the difference between the $98 Levi's selvage and the more expensive one's, besides the fit? IIRC LVC's are shrink to fit right?
I noticed these guys are selling nice pairs of Selvedge denim, had my eye on these: How is quality of this stuff compared to more expensive pairs of Selvedge?
cigarette packs?
thanks. what are cp's?
What do ounces stand for in jeans? What difference does it make? What should I look for?
What would you compare the fit of the Fulton's to? and how do they fit? TTS? are they new?
Any good places to pick up clothing? My main attraction there is Polo store, which is much cheaper than retailer. I might check out the new 7 store as well. Any places to pick up nudies, earnest sewn, or anything else good over there? Also, when is the ideal time to go? I'm ready just about anytime. my biggest fear
Yeah, it really comes down to what you want to express about yourself. What I'm really looking for is just nice, normal jeans. No baggy fit, no 1960's wash, and no $100 logo. Acne and Earnest seem to have hit the spot. Do you, or anybody else, know good sites to pick up jeans? Yoox looks not bad, any other good websites like that?
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