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Quote: Originally Posted by PiperInAlberta Do people actually go into a store and discuss whether or not an item is 'selvedge' with store employees? And then correct them if they get it wrong? What do you mean? I just asked them if they could help me find a standard pair in 32x32, and they pointed me to some imitation wash. I asked if it was part of the selvage, and they gave me a fishy answer.
$20 from H&M. Opinions?
Quote: Originally Posted by Openzedoor There's something disturbing about Gap doing raw selvedge at that price. Yeah, it makes you wonder why you're paying $200-400 for a pair of unprocessed denim.
Just went into GAP today, since they're having a 30% off sale. They have some Selvage denim in skinny fits, the rest was sold out. I noticed they replaced the real selvage with selvage-looking jeans. They're just dark, raw washes, but not actually selvage. Was disappointed, the sales rep actually tried to tell me the raw ones were selvage. The skinny's looked good but the fit was not for me. Going to look online for a pair now, hopefully I find one for cheap. Anybody...
Hey, I keep checking out different pairs of Selvage but they are all super-tight. I am wondering if there are any good pairs for people with bigger legs? I found a pair by Dunderdon but I'm not sure about the quality/build, and I can't wait to get a pair!:
Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex I have the raw barracudas, they are amazing jeans. If they're your size and you missed out on the gilt sale, I'd grab em. How do they fit? Big, small, tts?
hump de bump Check out the p46 selvage, is this stuff good? what should I be looking for when I buy this kind of stuff? Any precautions?
Thanks. What's the difference between red selvage and others?
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