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Has anybody heard of Propr? I just got a pair of what appears to be selvage jeans from them. Retail is $240 but I got them on sale for $96. They have the selvage lining inside but its a blue line instead of a red one, is that normal?
I just got my pair in Standard, like them a lot ! hope they fade nicely. Should I do that bathtub thing with these or is there no point?
Can anybody recommend me a good boot-cut pair of selvage jeans?
how does it fit? super slim or is good for bigger/muscular people?
Should I for $48?
Yeah but JCrew doesn't have sales like GAP does. The only problem with GAP is that it initials Gay and Proud
@ jealous hater- its just a term we use at a different forum, which I thought was kind of entertaining. I thought its kind of appropriate after looking at his post history and the comments people made to him.
Well thanks for the feedback. I like the jacket so I'll keep it. I have a much better username for you though, hows "Jealous Hater"?
yeah i would love an online discount, couldn't find what i was looking for in store
Quote: Originally Posted by a-rock I believe what he means is don't bother debating with the sales associates about selvage or not. You're better off learning how to identify the item yourself than asking the SA and introducing more confusion into the process. It's part of the value of SF, no? That's why I'm here I actually like their standard fit a lot, except its could be a bit curvier around the ass area. I wish they had a pair of...
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