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are these from yoox
great conclusions in this thread
Its like the levi's logo but with three of the curves on the back pocket instead of 2
Also, how do I find a good tailer, and how much time does it take?
Oh man, I thought RL would be good stuff. I have a job interview at Apple soon, hope I could do something about this. KW looks good but I'm just a college student, not balling enough to pay $100 a shirt. I thought $60 was pushing it lol Could it be that this shirt was designed for people with big stomachs or something? I'm not exactly slim, but that's what it looks like.
Hey, I got a RL dress shirt that I really like at a sale from Macy's. The fit is good, but I find that I just have a lot of material sticking out on the back, as if there is a pole holding it up there or something. I'm wondering why it fits that way, and how I could fix it? Also, anybody have any good NY spots to get dress shirts? or good brands?
I wouldn't go over 500
Any recommendations? I was thinking of getting a simple Movado but I'm not sure if that's proper for daily wear. What do you guys think?
do you size up or down on these? pics of wearing to see fit?
They are very tough, look like they're good quality. I'm more interestd in the fading aspect.
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