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I live in Singapore (with my parents as expats) and these hotels are all near each other anyway, so location shouldn't be a problem. I've been to Mandarin Oriental and Pan Pacific and I prefer Mandarin, it seems a more classy place and less crowded. The steak restaurant there (Morton's) is nice as well but maybe a bit pricey depending on your budget. The thing I don't like about Pan Pacific is that it's directly connected to a mall (Marina Square) so people sometimes tend...
my humble little collection clockwise from top left: Omega seamaster professional Vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Sinn U1 Automatik Glycine
I love how the writer talks about "the market correcting itself" since it's totally true. Brands like 7, rock & republic, evisu, james rast etc aren't really that expensive which make them have normal demand curves. While brands like Dior Homme, Dolce etc when the price goes up, the demand for it goes up as well since they're Velben Goods. So, the price for Diors shouldn't really change at all since they know they would still have a market for it. While on the other hand,...
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