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Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus If you want MOP buttons and a bit better construction for higher price, go around city hall. Actually I bet if you just ask Hahn's or Savile Row, you can get the buttons too but it'll cost extra I'm sure. I got MOP buttons from Hanh's. They are pretty thick so it can make buttoning the shirt a little harder but at least they are MOP. Quote: Originally Posted by ryoneo Just got this from...
I always wear an OCBD with the first button unbuttoned and a v-neck underneath. However on my white/thinner shirts I've noticed that the v-neck collar line is visible. Anyone have advice on how to wear a v-neck without it being visible underneath? I've heard about gray/tan undershirts but haven't tried them yet. Maybe just a smaller v-neck would work?
So that's where the the brown plain toe went. I was looking for it but thought it was discontinued. All the better that its on clearance.
So with this option gone, are there any other good/decent shoe deals going on (I've been on vacation for 3 weeks)? I would order a couple AS shoes from pediwear but their selection is lacking. I'm looking for a plain toe blutcher and a monk ~$300 or preferably less. I know about the AE tent sale but I don't think they have anything to my liking.
Quote: Originally Posted by upnorth I'd prefer if they kept the upcoming AS sale open only to those who had enrolled in the original pre-order offer, just to be fair. Any leftover stocks can then be open for sale to everyone else after a pre-determined period has passed, if the Thin Red Line so wish. This is to avoid a case where those who already expressed interest and commitment earlier are left with nothing when someone new to the sale snaps up...
Which stays do people use to get a good roll? I have a pair of bendable metal/aluminum stays which create a good roll but they came with a shirt. I'd like to purchase similar ones but I've only seen hard metal or plastic that doesn't hold a bend for individual sale. I wear semi-spread collars without a tie and I like how a nice shape looks instead of just a straight collar.
Quote: Originally Posted by james_timothy Brown plaintoe derby, much like this one. For me, in what I do, it is the perfect chameleon shoe. It doesn't cover black tie- but then, black tie isn't on my social agenda often. It isn't too sleek for daily wear in the trenches of science, it isn't to clunky to wear for reviews, it isn't ostentatious. Very CBD, except that scientists don't do CBD. Does anyone have recommendations on where to...
Just a reminder, today is the last day to confirm your order.
Quote: Originally Posted by bossman08 Is there a way to still get in on this offer? I missed the original deadline when you guys were able to order through that special tab on the log-in screen. You can try emailing Richard at richard@thinredline.com, espcially since it sounds like some people are canceling. That might be a slippery slope though. Quote: Originally Posted by sarcasticfolly Anyone know when we'll get...
I e-mailed Richard today with my foot measurements to ensure proper shoe size. He said that he is waiting for the shoe measurements from the factory and will let me know when he gets them. I think this is good news for those of us who still plan on ordering shoes, despite other people's cancelations.
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