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heading to houston, san antonio and austin this weekend. any shops i should visit? for shoes, shirts, etc...?
those look exactly like a pair i bought new in san jose from the store in san jose (santana row) just this year. it was in a different looking cordovan box. it was one of a kind in the back of the store, and in my size too! I wear them all the time to work. anyway, it's got a Brooks Brothers New York sole, and made in the usa insole.
Quote: Originally Posted by eseanyang maybe something like ralph lauren, g-star, diesel, or really anything. Not too big fan of banan republic though. agreed, banana's coat is terrible. I bought the j.crew one last year. wore it a lot. But i wish I went with the Club Monaco one. around the same price range, but it had better detailing , construction, and materials.
been waiting 3 months for my first reward card. although, i got my birthday reward card 3 weeks before my birthday this month. immediately bought a jar of cordovan and black paste wax. i'm pretty dissapointed with the customer service too. was hoping to spend the rewards during their sale. i think they're conspiring against us.
how tall is the rise on the BB0 trousers?
had 2 BB outlets in my area, one good one bad. and the good one was recently closed down. bought a few ties and cuff links at the good one. the bad one smells like the most horrific body odor.
i've been on a similar search and went with some cheap jcrew loafers from their online sale. not bad for beaters, but if i had tried them on in person, I probably wouldn't have bought them. it's a good thing i only wasted $48. the leather sole is more like cardboard, and the leather used for the upper wasn't what i expected either. also, there were some stitchings near the top that are scratchy. anyway, my point is, just visit a lot of stores and try a large variety...
you might be a 36S or 37S. but the mens wearhouse probably sold you a 38 because they don't carry smaller sizes. it might not be too late to return it and shop elsewhere for a closer fit off the rack.
depends where you work and what you do. though i'm new on here, and i'd have to agree with the white shirt (or subtley patterned) and a tie with a simple design, something less...80s.
Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot Sheesh. I hope these few shirts they have available here are not the "test run" they are doing for their extra slim fit line. not available anymore. has anybody tried these on yet?
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