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Got an interview next Tuesday for med school (University College London.) Any advice from physicians/med students would be most appreciated!
Quote: Originally Posted by BC2012 I didn't know there were partial payouts (I've never actually played the lottery). And, true, the tax implications certainly affect the EV. Not to mention diminishing returns.
The 5EP and Farinelli's forum jeans are my favourites; too bad my legs are too big to wear either anymore
Added Helmut Lang rider's jacket; still got a few pairs of GATs left.
This is like people who complain MGS only has an amazing story and great graphics, as if that takes anything away from it. Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 Mass Effect is all glitter and polish in my opinion, sure it has a great story and amazing graphics & cinematics, but the gameplay is mediocre at best.
I'm flying to Alaska in 10 days' time for my friend's wedding. The food is pot luck, the church hall I imagine is free to hire, and we're gonna have a great time. Completely unnecessary to pay more than 1-2k for everything.
Nothing wrong with paying for the placebo effect.
Hopefuly TRON-L will shock the system of fashion and style into 2011 and beyond. I mean its going to be 2011! And we're all still dressing like it's '92 grunge crap. We're in the´╗┐ future. Fuck that. Time to get futuristic.
Don't try Olympic lifts unless you have a coach who knows what he's doing. Quote: Originally Posted by speedy4500 Olympics lifts are a lot of fun. Definitely a mainstay in my workout. Also try overhead squats so that you can eventually try snatches. The toughest part of cleans and snatched is dropping under the bar, from a mental perspective just as much as physically. It takes time to build up confidence, but it's a lot of fun and also pretty...
Another great pair of jeans that squatting have rendered useless to me; CratexFarinelli's in size 33. Literally only worn for this fit pic; as new. Have a lovely overdyed, saturated hue, orange selvedge and reinforced crotch - great for cyclists wanting to avoid blowouts. $160 + shipping Size 50, 2007 Helmut Lang Waxed Black Cotton Rider's Jacket Lovely jacket, been sitting in my closet for the last couple of years. Lampo zips, thick cotton lining. Made while Lang...
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