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Biomedical engineering has a bright future. My friends at Imperial told me how they designed cheap artificial kneecaps for the Indian market - something really cool about getting paid to make cyborgs! Quote: Originally Posted by AlmostFullBenefits I oddly have no idea, except that the idea of remaining in academia has worn thin. I started off concentrating in tissue engineering, and ended up working on human-machine interface system design for my grad...
Oxford and Cambridge probably have more clout in former Commonwealth nations than any American institution. China in particular love Cambridge since one of their poets wrote a famous poem about studying there.
LOL @ LinkedIn's 2k P/E ratio
Boooo! I'm at UCL Quote: Originally Posted by Not Ed Harris Did you go to Imperial by any chance? That's what my wife did.
MBBS with intercalated BSc
obvious troll is obvious
If by leaked documents, you mean copious amounts of child pornography Quote: Originally Posted by javyn From what I understand, all the "internet underworld", or Darknet, is being used for ATM is to publish leaked documents anonymously.
Exactly. There's no branch of mathematics so abstract as to have no potential use sometime in the future - not that utility is a necessary requisite for studies having value anyway. Quote: Originally Posted by yachtie Your view forward is too short. The stuff math PhD's do is fundamentally important but the practical results are usually a generation or two out. Can't describe it if you don't have the tools. The mathematicians provide the tools.
Markets are pretty grim atm, though I just bought ARM with a look to cash out in 8-16 months' time (before Intel get up in their grill). In terms of other British companies, you could look to short BP or Lloyds if you're brave.
No need to get all Pauline up in here (via Phillipians 3:2) Quote: Originally Posted by ma1 its funny how guys get all mad when someone makes fun of their mutilated dick
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