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Quote: Originally Posted by intent white knighting. Sounds like some filthy urban dictionary sex act
Same bro, uniqlo has the best fitting minimal basics around. I remember reading you're coming to London this year for university? I start at UCL in Sept. Quote: Originally Posted by fuji I don't know what happened, but I used to spend my money buying tonnes of Dior and Vivienne Westwood coats, expensive as fuck knits, baller sneakers and English bench made shoes, but now I just buy uniqlo. I think I just developed a uniform and now I don't really want...
Anyone know an easy way for someone in the UK to buy silver, gold and other commodities online? I've got an online share trading account, but no idea how to trade in goods :S
Thanks for the advice guys, I really can't wait to start this fall, let alone start treating patients
YES; who cares about reaction mechanisms *sigh* Quote: Originally Posted by hopkins_student Either biochemistry or molecular biology.
Got in (hide yo kids)
new Cut Copy album delivers
Just got an offer from top5 UK med school
Thanks for the tips fareau; and I've applied for undergrad entry. Interview tomorrow
They told me it won't be an academic test, so I guess they're looking for perceptive analysis of the NHS *sigh*
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