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$8.5billion for Skype? Really?!
Nightmare scenarios like the OP really show just how important choosing the right woman is. Edit: And an air-tight pre-nup!
I was late to the party on ARM; what stock would you guys buy to take advantage of the upcoming mass adoption of smartphones?
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos Might as well play online roulette. qft
Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit Brosnan's finest work IIRC. I agree, though he was cast well in Mrs Doubtfire and The Matador, too.
Any fans? About a quarter through the first season; so much better than all the trashy shows around nowadays.
I'm really envious of how you americans get a varied undergrad experience: here in the uk, we typically take classes in only one (MAX two) subjects.
Well, aside from his decretive will determining everything I do
Quote: Originally Posted by Omar1223 btw, i also agree that pbl style learning is awful. I'm so glad that my med school has absolutely no pbl.
still pissed I slept on the crepe soled yohji boots in B&S
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