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Any fans? About a quarter through the first season; so much better than all the trashy shows around nowadays.
I'm really envious of how you americans get a varied undergrad experience: here in the uk, we typically take classes in only one (MAX two) subjects.
Well, aside from his decretive will determining everything I do
Quote: Originally Posted by Omar1223 btw, i also agree that pbl style learning is awful. I'm so glad that my med school has absolutely no pbl.
still pissed I slept on the crepe soled yohji boots in B&S
Not a seven-point Calvinist
If anyone has either of the jeans in my sig in size 36, let me know!
why anyone would want to live in nyc is fucking beyond me
All my pharm and med friends really enjoy their work overall. The meds are paid more, but generally work more hours.
demonic papal theology
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