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Authenticity is born out of indifference.
Tastes filthy, is expensive, bad for you and leads to regrettable actions when consumed in excess. Sign me up!
Quote: Originally Posted by Bislane Thanks for the reply, the truth of this statement is evident in the fact that the slip ons and everything else CP I was looking at are back to full price again . At least now I know to get a jump on stuff at revolve. The slip ons and dress shoes are now back at 50%
Stazy, have you checked out the other colours/styles of Super glasses on Revolve? Some nice, colourful options to be had.
Revolve sale :\\
Just spooged to the tune of $600 thanks to you guys!
Aesthetically they're OKAY, but talk about guilty by association: every paint-by-numbers dickhead teenybopper will be wearing them and thinking they're the shit.
Quote: Originally Posted by choowy Fuck the Australian dollar... Would have copped the patent red CPs if the AUD was half-decent against the USD. Tell me about it; I long for the days of $2.10/£1
What relationship (if any) do peacoats have with their namesake vegetable compatriots?
gshen, I thought exactly the same thing after watching QoS: Craig looked amazing in those white trousers and brown desert boots. Also enjoyed the length of trouser of the main villain.
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