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Quote: Originally Posted by kit99bar Getsmart, if you have a sec a couple questions: which website has the annual 50% off sale and do the Ricards run 1/2 size bigger than the RW Gentlemen Travelers? much thanks! The UK site goes 50% from January; and with the dollar raping the pound atm...
Not inherently. It's only guilty by chav-tastic association. If you like the pattern, rock it!
Aesthetically I prefer the clean appearance of tucking.
Quote: Originally Posted by ToruOkada i shit in my pants to get a natural dirty seat fade. Quote: Originally Posted by thats.mana You have it all wrong, The best fadez come from masterbating in them and on 'em. Pros combine the two.
Authenticity is born out of indifference.
Tastes filthy, is expensive, bad for you and leads to regrettable actions when consumed in excess. Sign me up!
Quote: Originally Posted by Bislane Thanks for the reply, the truth of this statement is evident in the fact that the slip ons and everything else CP I was looking at are back to full price again . At least now I know to get a jump on stuff at revolve. The slip ons and dress shoes are now back at 50%
Stazy, have you checked out the other colours/styles of Super glasses on Revolve? Some nice, colourful options to be had.
Revolve sale :\\
Just spooged to the tune of $600 thanks to you guys!
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