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+1 for Tigers. Get white to be safe. You might also consider a pair of Converse low tops, if they match your style.
The crotch and thighs look tight to me. Are they comfortable in those areas?
Anything too flashy will look out of place, given your maturity. I'd go for the APC Rescue: they're reasonably priced, minimalist/smart and a very comfortable, relaxed straight fit.
I got the brown version from www.kitchener.ch
AA RRDS Onitsuka Tiger '76
I love the Tee, Nick - they have some beautiful designs.
Bona, I washed them as hot as possible - 90°C - which caused the inseam to shrink 1.5"; reducing the bootcut. Other than that, they're unaltered.
^ I like the relaxed fit on the BBs, Augusto AA RRDS Flip Flops
The New Cure is tighter, with a more pronounced taper and has a lower rise.
Reiterating LA Guy's concerns: if you're a 34 waist, a tapered leg is going to make you look very stocky (see: fat). If you're set on a small hem, I'd go for Nudie Even Stevens: they fit larger frames very well and can be purchased down to 32" inseam, which should be plenty short enough (besides, stacking looks good on small hem jeans).
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