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Considering Nokia - someone please tell me how crazy I am
Oxbridge undergrad? Quote: Originally Posted by Treen PPE (Politics, Philisophy, Economomics) BA, Philosophy MA and currently pursuing philosophy related PhD, although it seems to be taking forever.
This has made my day Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero It doesn't get wide release until July 8th.
Word. Talk about a bubble. Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho Get ready to hear these two words discussed with just about every new "social media" IPO. "Popular" & "Unprofitable".
probably not worth the bother, old chap
I couldn't find a single cinema in London showing this. I can watch The Hangover Part II at 3am on a Tuesday night, but not Mallick's latest. I hate people
There was a section on this in Bigger, Faster, Stronger - would recommend the film for anyone interested in how widespread performance enhancing drugs are. Quote: Originally Posted by thenanyu I know a lot of guys who use beta blockers for auditions.
Biomedical engineering has a bright future. My friends at Imperial told me how they designed cheap artificial kneecaps for the Indian market - something really cool about getting paid to make cyborgs! Quote: Originally Posted by AlmostFullBenefits I oddly have no idea, except that the idea of remaining in academia has worn thin. I started off concentrating in tissue engineering, and ended up working on human-machine interface system design for my grad...
Oxford and Cambridge probably have more clout in former Commonwealth nations than any American institution. China in particular love Cambridge since one of their poets wrote a famous poem about studying there.
LOL @ LinkedIn's 2k P/E ratio
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