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If I were to do undergrad in the US, it'd be New Saint Andrew's College all the way.
As a BP shareholder, all I can say is good luck to Exxon in dealing with the Russians...
I've had enough of stock picking; going passive on a few global indices.
I expect Google to sell off Motorola's phone business, keeping the patents. I mean, Goog has ~25k employees; no way they're planning on payrolling Motorola's 20k engineers and staff - essentially doubling their workforce. They've got the patents they were after, now it's time to strip down and sell up.
^ Spot on
10k/month? That's crazy; way more than I get tutoring pre-med kids in the UK
Gold has yielded an annualized average return of 6.01% over the past 35 years, which is terrible considering its annualized standard deviation of 18.38%. Check the source graph for more info.
Thoughts on ARMH? Their licensing business model and huge expected growth in the mobile area are promising, but they're already trading at a P/E over 90...
Isn't it a criminal offence not to report someone missing?
Zynga are hoping to raise $1bil with a 10% share issue. Fucking hell, wtf is this shit.
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