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10k/month? That's crazy; way more than I get tutoring pre-med kids in the UK
Thoughts on ARMH? Their licensing business model and huge expected growth in the mobile area are promising, but they're already trading at a P/E over 90...
Thanks a lot, this is really helpful! Quote: Originally Posted by asdf For US value: IWD, IWS, IWN, IWW...and those are just the ishares options. For emerging markets, VWO is probably the cheapest but i didn't exactly shop around.
I'm looking to buy a few long term indices - specifically ones that tracks small, value US companies and emerging markets. Anyone know any? Edit: Passively managed!
Actually looking for a long term hold: the recently announced N9 showcases their hardware chops, and the WP7 software tie in could bring them back to competitiveness. Current P/E of 8.53 aint too bad either. Quote: Originally Posted by javyn Please say you are considering SHORTING Nokia.... Or are you more like saying it's currently oversold and you are looking to make a quick in and out buck?
Considering Nokia - someone please tell me how crazy I am
Oxbridge undergrad? Quote: Originally Posted by Treen PPE (Politics, Philisophy, Economomics) BA, Philosophy MA and currently pursuing philosophy related PhD, although it seems to be taking forever.
This has made my day Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero It doesn't get wide release until July 8th.
Word. Talk about a bubble. Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho Get ready to hear these two words discussed with just about every new "social media" IPO. "Popular" & "Unprofitable".
probably not worth the bother, old chap
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