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Great article on the issue.
nice jeans, tween
Amazon are going to go through the roof with the Fire - they're about only distributor able to go toe to toe with the iPad's ecosystem.
Even if g+ fails, we're already seeing the fruits of increased competition - facebook is having to actually innovate again.
This will be terrible for infantry morale.
Moved up to London; haven't been impressed by level of dress.
After the popularity of the first two batches, I've got my hands on a few more pairs of deadstock mil-surp German Army Trainers. I've been really impressed by their quality, so thought you guys might be interested. They're unworn, new in box (though shipping the bulky box will add more to postage fees), all leather, with suede trim and gum sole. They're really minimally styled: no branding/marking of any kind, and fit slightly large: I wear a size 43 in these, a 43 in...
Sold ARM today for a tidy profit: Intel are riding right up their ass with their low power roadmap and imminent Android collaboration.
Anyone know any good UK credit card deals? I'm a med student, would like to boost my credit, and perks wouldn't hurt.
I've really enjoyed the extra cash made from tutoring high schoolers on the side. It's relatively easy to set up a website and start private tuition; I'd recommend it highly to anyone considering (or already) teaching.
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