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If policymakers realised that Keynesianism was only appropriate during a world war, we might get somewhere. Ya'll gonna be facing nasty inflation in no time.
I was excited too, until the whole pentile screen/terrible camera/year-old-galaxy-s2-internals info dropped.
^ They have the capability to strike hardened underground mountain facilities?
Lovely. Deets?
Out of curiosity, who here has made a net profit over their entire investing career?
Haven't seen these in the UK; I import them directly from Germany.
I imagine you have a lot more freedom over where - and especially whom - you work for though. I've pretty much got one choice of future employer: the NHS. Also, having the government decide how much you should earn (hint: it's a lot less than the market deems proper for private physicians) isn't much fun either.
Oh well, that's okay then.
Dang, US healthcare professionals get paid a LOT - a med student in socialist Euroland.
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