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Just look at that distended muffin top belly!
Doug Wilson (his opponent in the Collision debates) wrote a great obituary.
Weren't you going to come to UCL this year? Obv LSE is best for accounting, as long as you love asians - assuming you applied to Oxbridge with those grades? And the King's smack talk is just intercollegiate rivalry
As a medic at UCL, there are insecure hoes with inferiority complexes galore (lassie didn't get into Oxbridge) - it's probably the same at Strand Polytechnic
As fucking stupid as "You" back in '06
If we should know anything, it's that straw polls are absolutely meaningless in determining electability.
Been bulking up, might outgrow my lamb moto
Don't know how you guys can handle day trading - intraday prices are essentially random and you find yourself F5'ing the stock price every 5 minutes.
I love the guberment having the authority to dictate what I put in my body (nohomo).
Bush 3.0, now with added polygamy.
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