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winter can fuck off
Bootcut is going to be all over the place this time next year
We can get a man on the moon but can't cure baldness WTF
I think squats are damaging my knees
Is there still a member over on MC with a Vass hookup?
Quote: Originally Posted by APK Is that Mrs. Doubtfire? hahaha
Please make a distressed leather shirt (2)
After the popularity of the first batch, I've got my hands on a few more pairs of deadstock mil-surp German Army Trainers. I've been really impressed by their quality, so thought you guys might be interested. They're unworn, but do have minor marks/stains from having been in storage since the 80's - nothing a quick clean-up won't remove. All leather, with suede trim and gum sole. They're really minimally styled: no branding/marking of any kind, and fit slightly...
Synthese chanelling the MGS2 opening sequence with Snake in a poncho about to jump onto the tanker. paraphrase: DOPE
I need a suit for med school interview, but there's no way Uniqlo/H&M will fit me Marks and Spencer it is, then
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