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The UK has a ridiculous centralized application process; one of its quirks is that you can't apply to both Oxford (#1) and Cambridge (#2). Still waiting to hear back from #3+4 though Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Did you apply to #2?
Just got rejection letter from best medical school in UK
Why does he carry a knuckle stabber around
SFx5EP size 33 It pains me to sell these, but weightlifting has made my legs too large. They've been worn a couple of times, basically just been sitting in my closet since I started training. Will post with denim repair swatch. $160 + shipping
Why don't you want marriage/kids/life with her?
winter can fuck off
Bootcut is going to be all over the place this time next year
We can get a man on the moon but can't cure baldness WTF
I think squats are damaging my knees
Is there still a member over on MC with a Vass hookup?
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