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No way I'd ever invest in anything Russian, ever. I'm nervous just thinking about the links BP is making with Rosneft, what with Putin's past pedigree in nationalising foreign capital.
ffs go to your doctor
Couldn't agree more - nothing worse than restrictive heteronormative discourse. Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Well before/after fashion shows EVERYONE smokes. If you bring your kid or a dog you are obligated by la chambre syndicale de haute couture to give them a Gauloise. As you already know I'm not into those retro/americana looks because they, consciously or not, come from awfully restrictive heteronormative discourses regarding the nature of...
$8.5billion for Skype? Really?!
Nightmare scenarios like the OP really show just how important choosing the right woman is. Edit: And an air-tight pre-nup!
They've just released a list of the titles found: 1 - Ramadan her throat 2 - Jihad a good time 3 - Martyrs of ass destruction 4 - Hide in my cave 5 - Twang my tali-banjo string 6 - Al show you my Qaeda 7 - Get it allah inside her 8 - Burqa Bitches 14: All Allah, All Ana
Don't think Ben Gibbard needs any more cash tbh
I was late to the party on ARM; what stock would you guys buy to take advantage of the upcoming mass adoption of smartphones?
Yup, the idea of intellectual property is complete bullshit.
And yet Chinese workers try anything to get a job at a Foxconn factory. The wages, conditions and benefits are far better than the average available to untrained rural folk, and certainly better than no job at all. Not to mention that the suicide rate is lower at Foxconn than the nation at large. Apple, and all of its customers, are providing a great humanitarian service to Chinese employees of Foxconn. Go enjoy your iPad.
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