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Just got these Buttero boots
How should I size Buttero boots? Also, I'm finding it tough to identify UK stockists - you guys know of any good retailers? Edit: Looking for these from a UK store if possible:
Man, I really miss O-lifting
I think the OP hit the nail on the head regarding cheap federal loans creating the education bubble. If people had to pay market rates for their loans, you'd get rid of the kids just looking for 4 years of partying.
1st year med student in London; the hardest thing was getting in - it's not so bad once you're here.
Depends on the halls: mine are £140/w, and that's at King's Cross, right in the middle of London. Obviously, the further out you go, the cheaper it gets.
Bing! They guy even tried to bring in Romneycare while governor.
Yep, go passive and stop worrying. Read everything on this site - it'll save you masses of time and lost capital.
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