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Ponytail! I'm feelin it
Thanks for the advice guys, I really appreciate it. Don't care if its harsh . I uncuffed and you were right it looks better uncuffed. Too lazy to black out face. Hair is fucked though lol now that I'm looking at it from a picture. Its not that bad irl but I think I'm going for that ponytail. Going to work... casual fridays!!! On another note I'm curious to see what you all sound like and if your voice matches your look lol. Esp Uncontrol.
I've tried cutting but most of the leg mass is muscle and I don't really want to atrophy it. I have an extremely long torso, normal length legs and arms along with larger legs. I'm hitting the gym for extra mass, but its a slow process since I'm very busy. Actually the ponytail idea is pretty appealing. thanks 33" inseam, 8.5" leg opening for a slim leg fit. 10.5 shoes tldr. in time, hopefully I get jacked
Is this the sf uniform? I've done my experimentation and this is one of the silouettes I've settled on. I know I won't match up to the regulars here and I'm ok with that. I am unsure of where to go from here. I mean I look better with long coats that hide the proportions and all that but I don't think this ones that bad. I have learned a lot about throwing money at clothes though, so I buy really cheap stuff from now on . Jacket was like 80$, sweater 20$ lol yeah i'm...
^^ the first. I wish I was in Toronto dude. Fuck the Ottawa nightlife.
Its alright guy Best I can do for now on the bottom bloc. Maybe later I'll try sweats and pants. Oh and I almost forgot. The guy I'm subletting from for my winter school term in Waterloo told me when I first saw him that he met some dudes from Ransom Clothing in Toronto and had some input into designing this jacket. Small world. I saw clarks dbs in his room.
nope its ransom there's a button on the cuffs which make it smaller, the sleeves are super long. It has a removable lining on the inside, which might make it less of an unzipped jacket.
I feel like I could use some more feedback.
thanks man
20% off? where
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