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Quote: Originally Posted by Fantastic Mr Foxx As much as I like that style, one could only pull this off with that hair and beard. Schuman certainly wouldn't be able to pull it off. I also think its a tall(er) person's look.
Gusvs, can't really add anymore compliments here other than that your fits have convinced me that I'm definitely going to get in touch with Mina for her next trip.
Mory from Eredi Pisano and Luigi from Kiton are managing the place. Basically going after the Kiton crowd with predominantly Tincati's own label. A truly gutsy endeavor - 6 floor townhouse off 60's/ Madison with over 5K sqft. Overall quality is what you would expect; I especially noticed the shirts - nice handwork the resident Naples cognoscenti here seem to appreciate. Ask Mory to show you the bespoke room and their fabrics.
Bergdorf's start yet?
Quote: Originally Posted by NonServiam Starting the week on a strong note I like....a....lot. What year?
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker My style guru. +1 effortless. Frankly, More Than This is impossible on karaoke.
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Quote: Originally Posted by ... noice
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker Cold and foggy May in Shakeytown. Fuzzy flannel-mohair keeping me warm.  Parker - the RJ grey flannel. Full shot please. Shoulders look sweet on that one.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Nighty night. - B Boffi or The Container Store?
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