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1) It is estimated that 80% of the American population has the cold sore virus. Most of them never have outbreaks. We get the virus from towels, from aunts kissing us, etc. We get it as children, most of the time. Being a jerk is an ailment that only some have, is most likely incurable, and most likely comes from parents that have failed in the child raising process. 2) When I first notice a cold sore, at the *very beginning*, no delays, I get a box of q-tips and...
Thanks, I'll try to fix the thread so that it complies
Bid for the jackets then sell the trousers or give them to goodwill. That top jacket cost at least a few hundred from BB, and was never worn outdoors. Current bid is only $100. $101 and you could be the lucky fellow.
If you're a 32 then the trousers will not fit you, probably no room for alteration
Thank you for your input
Edited to add specifics
Taking best offer (PM me) I'm no longer skinny. So I'm selling all of my 36R jackets and 30W/30 Inseam trousers. 9 jackets, 6 trousers. Most of these are Brooks Brothers. HIGHEST BIDDER GETS IT. If you guys don't want it, I'm giving it to Goodwill. So I'm not going to bother with measurements, extra pictures, etc. These are in good condition, some of them very nice and one or two of these jackets were never worn outside. I'm keeping the hangers. Payment will be... Old Omega watch
Fight the power brother. Take your open minded self over there for awhile. I exercised enough "diversity" in my shoe maintenance providers in Korea to come to the conclusion that all Korean shoe places are terrible.
Seeing if anyone is interested. I've worn these maybe 10 times. Had the Koreans put some toppys on but of course all Korean cobbler work is half-assed and I'd want to take their toppys off and put new ones on if I were keeping these. They didn't feel like Barrie last when I got them so I sent them back to Alden and they did some work, now they feel close to my cordovan barrie last bluchers. Let me know if you're interested, and how much you'd spend.
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