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its an XS, i'm 5'11/150. Still full price at $129 i believe
Tempted, but i decided to hold off until it gets marked down at least a little bit
Agree that the leather isn't great, but they are actually looking better after about 2 weeks of wear.
Which suit is better for a med school interview? Charcoal with muted pinstripes or solid medium gray?
Any opinions on this bag: Looking for something Filson-like that could be carried with a suit and not look as out of place. From Club Monaco: Retails for $160 --> $130 with the student discount.
check out Club Monaco's shirts. Their newer "slim fit" cut is actually pretty slim and the arms tend to run longer than normal. They routinely go on sale for $30-$40 and you can get a 20% student discount on top of that, so its not a huge investment if things don't go well. They take phone orders in case there isn't a store near by (shipping is like $7). Its the only mall brand where I can find a shirt that fits in the body without having to size down to where the arms are...
anybody know if the 30% off can be combined with the student discount? Coupon says cannot be combined with other offers, but I've been able to combine discounts in the past when they said that.
The navy cotton suit was not on sale when I went last week
Picked up the 256 in tan for $172, thanks for the tip!
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