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Closet cleaning has begun again, and I've consolidated my ties into one thread here. **ALL TIES ARE BRAND NEW, NEVER WORN, WITH ALL ORIGINAL TAGS ATTACHED.** I have a few favorites in my tie collection that I wear regularly, and I no longer wear ties to work, so these ties must find a new home. Payment to be made via PayPal - no Personal Payments, please. Please note that I will not hold any items - first interested party to send payment will get the tie. I will combine...
Price drop on last pair of sunglasses!!!
Availability update and price drop on last pair of sunglasses!!
Further price drops!
Additional price drops. Grab one of these rare shirts before they're gone!
Additional price drops.
Additional price drops!
Additional price drops.
New Tom Ford tie added!
Price drops on these shirts. Thanks for looking!
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