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I would like to see how you guys are stylin' the anti-fits. I don't think they look very good in the Roden Grey model pics.
Quote: Originally Posted by beowolf I have 3 pairs of Park & Ronen from a past gilt sale. You better make sure you have the body for it. I do. how do you recommend sizing for these shorts? thx.
From the bottom of the back, to the seam that connects the hood, I measure 24" on the small. I wouldn't want it to be any shorter than it is in length. FWIW I spent a day with a medium before exchanging it for the small, and its not much longer. I'm guessing maybe 3/4 inch or maybe a full inch longer at most.
Sorry, I didn't make it clear. That is a small in my picture. And yea, that is just a tee underneath. I suppose that if you wanted to layer then a size-up from TTS would be better for that, but just beware of sloppy sleeve stackage (and yea that black model obviously has long arms). I will be very surprised if the large isn't way too big for you. FWIW I have been a medium in many w+h pieces in the past, the zip cardigan from F/W 09, the organic terry hoodie from S/S 10,...
Just wanted to add my 2cents on the loop terry hoodie. I'm 5'7 160lbs with athletic build and had to return the medium which I originally bought. The small is a bit small on the shoulders, but the material is stretching. One thing to note is that the sleeves on these are long. So if you do your usual w+h size up thing, there is a good chance that the sleeves will look bad (even if cuffed). Its definitely my favorite w+h hoodie so far. I recommend TTS on this piece (if...
do you guys think the fades will continue to develop even after their first wash? The denim is still pretty damn dark.
I really have no idea, they came out pretty weird. I guess I kinda suck at this whole raw denim thing.
Thanks! Yes, the pics are with the taper. I had them done at Albert's in Vancouver. I asked for a "slight" taper and explained that my main concern was that I wanted the leg opening to be narrower. I think he tapered them from above the knee. I wasn't really sure what to ask for because I had never had any pants tapered before, but semi-trusted the guy because I had heard lots of good reviews. I was a bit worried, but they turned out well.
Just thought I'd share some update pics with you guys since some of you helped me size these. These are size 32 0201's, worn for 6 months. I am 5'7, 160lbs. I gave them a hot soak and a half-hangdry, half-tumble dry when I first got them. Just did my first machine wash a few days ago. For the past 3 months they have only been worn around the house, so the fades aren't too extreme. I'm not sure why the fades are so much more pronounced on the right leg--maybe because I...
Just a couple notes on the w+h pieces I have bought this season: First, the cashmere sweater is really sick. I am 5'7 160lbs (slim but muscular), and the small fits me better than any sweater I have ever had or tried on (fwiw I am often a medium in w+h outerwear type stuff). So I don't think you need to be tall/slim to get a good fit out of this piece. Second, I sized up on this season's w+h chinos and got a pretty good fit. My problem with going TTS (31) is that I have...
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