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you guys are already getting your painted GATs from yoox and my status is still: "Your order is in transit from the Italian warehouse to the US Distribution Center." arghhh maybe its just because I'm ordering from Canada?
Yea, 29 is probably right if you want a good fit in the waist. I found them to be too slim for my build if I sized the waist properly, so I actually sized up 1 from TTS and had a tailor take them in. That worked out pretty well.
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide ________________________________________________ I also want to know if this shot is of the rear of the linen/cotton charcoal pants. Thinking and hoping so. [[SPOILER]] confirmed.
yay, copped the painted GATs, ty to whoever provided link+code. couldn't be happier.
While trying on some chinos at a SF-approved store today, I noticed some white lines running down the back of the pant legs. I mentioned it to the salesperson, who seemed pretty sure that they were just superficial. We looked at the other sizes and they appeared to have the same thing. So I bought them and threw them in a cold wash when I got home, expecting that the lines would disappear. I just hung them to dry, and the lines are still there, and just as noticeable...
I'm pretty set on getting a pair of MMM GATs as my first pair of baller sneakers, but I'm torn on which to get. These are what I'm leaning towards but I've never seen this color in a fit-pic before: http://www.ssense.com/men/product/ma...sneakers/35097 ssense.com (only MMM retailer in Canada afaik) also has these, which look cool, but unsure about how they will look IRL: http://www.ssense.com/men/product/ma...sneakers/35098 Or should I wait to find the...
Can I get some opinions on these? I bought them a few years ago from Neiman Marcus (cost ~$500), long before I found styleforum or cared about anything more than being a baller They have mf'n' velvet on them so they are kinda cool. I never wore them though because I was kinda turned off by the patent. Any idea how much I should try flipping them for? Thanks!
Based on my experience, you should go TTS on the anti-fits. Its probably even safe to size down 1 from whatever size you typically buy non-W+H pants/jeans in. Great fit btw slack. goes to show that the anti-fits look very similar to regular chinos if you pull them up a bit.
give the guy a break. fit looks good Urijah.
Picked up the anti-fits today. Had no intention of copping these because I thought they looked kinda bad in the pics I had seen, but I had a sales person convince me. They are actually very cool, and pictures do them no justice. A couple notes - the green is not the typical olive green that we are used to with the chinos. It's more of an army green I'd say. I also think that it helps the look of the fit in the back if you actually have a butt. Oh yea, and the material is...
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