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I got all excited when I saw these "cream" GATs on ssense, and then I read the description and they are "cream pink" wtf? I thought they were the hard-to-find all white GATs at first
Quote: Originally Posted by corneliusparky Mossy, what size are you? 42 in GATs
yea I know the painted whites on grey base look great, wish I could find those on sale :/ the ones I found on sale are definitely silver. and yes, it is hard to tell in the pictures just how metallic the paint is.
Just found some silver painted GATs half price. I remember someone mentioning before that the silvers are "too theatrical," but I love GATs and they look cool in the pictures. Does anyone have fit pics with them?
I know we're all ballas and we don't care about keeping our sneakers pristine (because we can just buy new ones when they get dirty, obviously). But is there any reason NOT to spray new shoes with some leather/suede protector? I just paid full retail for the grey leather MMM lows and am considering giving them a spray to protect against stains. Thoughts?
Quote: Originally Posted by thatoneguy thinking about selling? size? size 42. I might be willing to sell them because I just ordered a pair of grey leather GATs.
the painted GATs look so much better on the grey base than on the beige base. I have the beige ones from the yoox sale and can't really justify another painted GAT purchase so soon :/
Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu i'm so in love with these all white mmm gats from the current season i had to kop a second pair. the upper is made of white suede rather than rubber (so unlike older verions) and they literally feel cool to the touch. the soles also look really pleasing imo. i'm glad i sold my cp all white lows and got these instead. probably not as easy to clean though Can someone please tell me where these are available...
Quote: Originally Posted by bob99 Got my painted white MMM low's today, and I have to say I'm not feeling them. I think they're going back. I love my black MMM hi's, and these just don't compare. Got mine last week and love 'em. Surprisingly, I have had two females compliment them. Maybe they were just trying to be nice though
thx for posting fit pics feji.. I'm kind of amazed/jealous at how well those mediums fit you.
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