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no buttons.
I bought the camo pants today. They aren''t really any more substantial than the regular chinos. I never tried on the ss11 bush pants so I can't really compare. I think sizing up 1 from w+h chino size is probably a good rule of thumb, though for me I'm a 31 in both (I wear my chinos a bit looser than most ppl I suppose). btw they are awesome. Pretty unique and the fit is spot on imo.I tried on the cords too. They are nice, fit is pretty similar to to the chinos. Apparently...
Yes, it is.
would it not work to just buy the raw denim you like and then wash it before you start wearing it?
Pretty sure camo pants are still happening. I got a sneak peak of some of the upcoming pieces from this season and the camo pants were in there. They are over-dyed and a pretty heavy material, looked sick. I just got back from RG, got to see all the new pieces and tried on most of them. I bought the down vest in dark grey and the cashmere faux-cardigan. Sizing seems typical for w+h outerwear type stuff. The handknit duffle is amazing.
If anyone decides to sell their 42 paper GATs, I will pay the monies.
I was told by a reliable source that next shipment is mid-September.About the chinos: Not sure how helpful this will be but I got a size 31 in the chinos and they fit perfectly. FWIW my "true waist" measures 33.5" and in most jeans I am a size 31. I had a size 32 in the chinos from F/W 2010 and they were huge in the waist (seemingly much bigger than 1 size up from my current pair of 31s iirc). I would measure to confirm but I had the 32's taken in at the waist.
I already have the beige and I think the grey looks better. I have never seen the grey in real life though so maybe I would change my mind.
Speaking of "og paint," the beige base painted GATs are back on Yoox right now. Size 9/42 is the only size available on the Canadian site. Oh how I wish they were the grey base.
Just a headsup--a few different pairs of margiela sneakers have been added to yoox. They have the white on white GATs that I have been dying for but only in size 12. I picked up the black on blacks in size 42--what do you guys think of them? I have never owned black sneakers so I'm not sure about these.
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