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I picked up a pair of the new corded cloth pants and they are not at all as I remember the ones from f/w (which I decided against picking up). They aren't nearly as heavy, and I think the texture of the material is a bit different as well.
I'm about to buy the new painted GATs and have a quick question: I have always gone with size 42 in margiela sneakers, and they fit reasonably comfortable. However, I have about a full inch of room in the toe box (from my big toe to the toe-end of the shoe). Is this too much? Do you guys think I have enough room to size down? fwiw I always wear thinnish socks and just a small gel insole in the heel of my shoes.
^ heavy slub pants look cool to me.. everything else = boooring
man I must have bad taste or maybe I am just blinded by my MMM fanboyism. I think the canvas highs and lows both looks great.
yea, looks fine to me
2 down seems excessive to me--these pants are a pretty slim cut as it is.I went TTS and they fit me fine. They were actually too slim before they stretched out a bit. If you have no butt and slimmer legs then 1 down is probably best imo.
Does anyone know when we can expect to see the new painted GATs available at online stores?
I was considering those painted whites too, but I thought mids were hated by the baller sneaker crowd?
no buttons.
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