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I definitely wouldn't describe the 8% cashmere henley's as "really warm." They are pretty thin. The small amount of cashmere is noticeable though (softer than your typical w+h henley). The highlight of these things is the cut. I've been buying w+h henleys for years (s/s and f/w) and these ones easily have the best fit.
Does anyone know where I can buy the Balenciaga pleated highs (black)? Must ship to Canada.
I feel like those nonnative shoes posted above could be alot better with a different sole.
Nah, the inside of the shoe is the same as every other Margiela GAT. Comfy as can be.
why does it matter that the exterior is extremely rough? I own several pairs of GATs and the new painted ones are my favorite by far. If you like them, then cop. I think most of the other recent GATs are pretty boring.
The lack of uniformity of it suggests to me that it's not intentional. One pant leg has very little of it, while the other leg is covered pretty much top to bottom.
Definitely not. They do not fit me even remotely tight. The effect is noticeable right down to the bottom/hem of the pant leg, an area where there is no stress from being worn.
Thanks guys. I'll start by taking them into RG and see what they say.
Yea, I agree--this shouldn't happen at this price.Just to be clear, I didn't buy them like this. It was just after a wash or two that it became noticeable.Do you guys think its better to contact W+H directly rather than Roden Gray, who I bought them from?
Can someone please tell me if this is normal? I bought the s/s2012 corded cloth pants about a month ago. Have only cold washed them 2 or 3 times, and always hung to dry. As the picture shows, there are large sections of the pants that are now covered with little horizontal light colored lines that actually look like small rips where the fabric is coming apart. Maybe I'm just being paranoid though. It may be difficult to see in the uploaded picture but hopefully someone...
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