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Sorry guys. Photo is now up!
Charcoal grey 100% cashmere sweater for sale. Worn for one season and has been in the closet ever since. Sweater is still in like new condition. Price is $100 + shipping (from Canada).
This is pretty much brand new, only been worn a few times, but the fit is just too awkward for my proportions. It fits pretty snug for a medium--would probably fit you best if you are typically a small, or a skinny medium. Price is firm, as I am trying to recoop some of the $200 cost I paid for this. Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer (ships from Canada).
Hoodie sold (pending transaction).
^Agreed. They look very very cheap like that. Hopefully it only takes them one season of 0 sales to figure out they screwed up
RG just put them up on their online store: sneakers for fall/winter IMO.
DROPS: shirt jacket now $125 US Wine Tiger fleece now $100 Faux cardigan now $60 Tiger fleece zip cardigan now now $80 Additional hipping costs are the responsibility of buyer. This is pretty much as low as I'll go on these pieces guys.
Hi guys. Just wondering if there are any fit pics of the BOM004 floating around? I want to buy a pair, but after comparing measurements from the blueowl site with a pair of my favorite jeans (wings+horns straight raws) , I can't really picture how they will fit. I'm ordering from Canada so I am hoping to avoid the hassle of a return/exchange.
All of these items are mint or near-mint condition. Minimal wear on each item, and none of them have ever been washed. F/W 2009 W+H Merino Shirt/Jacket in SMALL. Retailed ~$400 CDN. Selling for $150 US. Here is an additional stock photo: F/W 2011 W+H Wine-colored Tiger-Fleece Hoodie in MEDIUM. Selling for $120 US stock photo: F/W 2011 Cashmere Faux-Cardigan in MEDIUM. Selling for $75 US It was only worn once or twice around the house, yet I noticed this...
Not sure if you're aware, but these fit bigger than all newer models of GATs. I have a worn pair of size 42 that I'd be willing to let go of for pretty cheap. Let me know if you're at all interested.
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