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definitely not set on a particular style. with that said, do you have any other recommendations in the $400-$700 price range? thx
I need a boot I can wear regularly to school (alternate with my db's/sneakers), and preferably something I can dress up with for going out sometimes too. Will be worn with my AW cougars and a slim pair of raw denim to be determined. These APCs caught my eye, and I'd rather keep it around $500 than move into $700 territory for the w+h boots. yay or nay?
thanks, that helps alot. kind of wish I went with the grifters now, oh well!
I really like mine; slim fitting and with a nice taper. quality and color are v good. can't really compare though as they are my only/first pair of chinos
These are brand new (retail for $225US), and have only been tried on. They fit fairly slim for a regular/straight cut jean, I'm just after a slightly slimmer cut. They are the sanforized model. all sizing info can be found here: I'm located in Canada so shipping will be $25 to the U.S, $15 to Canada. asking $170 US + shipping
forgive me if this is a silly question. I need to get my APC's hemmed but don't want to lose the taper. is this just a simple request for a tailor? thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by CasinoRoyale I was thinking of buying a few of the secret wash shirts, but I'm shorter so they're too long to wear untucked. A tailor can shorten the length right? Would that be expensive? I recently had a lightweight b/d from J.Crew altered and it looks great imo. Cost me $30-$40 CAD but I also had him alter the sleeves. It seems to me that most of the current b/d's are meant to be worn tucked, but I don't see why...
Size 9 (med. width) Salvatore Ferragamo sneakers purchased from Neiman Marcus for $395 US ~1 year ago. These are no longer available for sale anywhere on the net to the best of my knowledge. Details: calf leather w/ some patent leather trim. velvet on the upper toe and on each side of the shoe. rubber soul. These shoes are like new, have been worn outside maybe 10 times, and only ever in good weather. No scuffs, scratches, or stains. original box, bags, and an extra...
Can someone who has owned some AW cougars for a while now please comment on how much they stretch out through the leg/butt? Mine just arrived and the fit seems good now (similar to my 1 month old APC NS sized down 1) but I worry they will be too loose fitting for my liking if they stretch out much at all. I know the AW site says they will only stretch out a bit in the waist, but I'm looking for some personal opinions here. Thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet My wh thermals from fall 06 are perfect. did they stretch out quite a bit? I've only had mine for 1 day and it fits perfect now (not tight, but close to my body) and I'm concerned it may end up looking sloppy if it stretches alot.
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