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After 2 weeks of owning one of the FW 2013 hoodies (non-zip) and one wash, there is a hole by the seam underneath the armpit. Pretty disappointing.
^Thanks for the input. Just to clarify, the pics I posted are PNS sz 29. I guess I'll do an exchange for sz 30 in the next few days and post pics again.
Hmm, I had a pair of NS a couple years ago, and I really didn't like how they fit from the knee down. But perhaps I just sized them wrong. It was my understanding the the major difference between NS and PNS was that the latter just has a pronounced taper.
Hey guys, I'd really appreciate some sizing help. For reference, I usually wear a size 30 in most jeans/pants, and am 5'7 ~150lbs. My waist is quite thin relative to my butt and thighs. I am aiming for a slim but not skinny or tight fit. I tried on both the 30s and the 29s in the PNS; the 30s fit nicely everywhere except I had about an inch of spare room around the waist. The guy that was helping me at the store recommended I go with the 29s. Sorry for poor picture...
^fwiw, I did get hit by $20 duties in the mail a few weeks after my CPs arrived.
These are like new (no signs of wear), and great for fall/winter wear. They have a rubberized exterior, giving them a cool look but also making them very durable and easy to clean. Listed price is firm and does not include shipping (from Canada). Sorry for the iPhone pictures. Here is a link to a stock photo:
50% off on various GATs at RG.
I just ordered a pair of CPs and did not pay any customs.On another note, this was my first purchase from TBS and I am thoroughly impressed. Free shipping from Sweden to Vancouver in 2 business days flat, and a better price on the product than any North American competitors.. How do they do it!?
They came out in 2011 if I recall correctly. I've owned several pairs of GATs and those are among my favorites. I would snap up a new pair if they had them in my size :/
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