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Can anyone comment on how to size Damir Doma sneakers? I'm tempted to buy those ones posted above.
my hooded villain just arrived. fits well, but I can't really afford any shrinkage. will I be okay if I just wash in cold and lay flat to dry?
Do all the jeans come in ~33" inseam, regardless of waist size? I really like the wash on the nimbus, but am worried that the fading/honeycombs will not align properly with my body if the inseam is that long. Thanks!
Have owned 3 pairs of the raw straights and 0 problems with buttons popping. Try sizing up
I definitely wouldn't describe it as "delicate." It's a nice weight for a spring sweater. It seemed like pretty good quality to me.Unfortunately I had to return it because w+h sizing is so inconsistent these days:brick:
Reopening this thread and bumping it now that I have some free time to sell stuff Just to clarify, buyer will be responsible for shipping costs and paypal fees.
This is a brand new sweater from the current W+H collection. It is black with dark blue panels on the sides of the body and the inner side of the sleeves. I wore it out a couple times before deciding that it was just too small for me and wasn't going to stretch out. It is unwashed and has no signs of wear. I have owned it for less than 2 weeks. Price is $150 firm. Buyer is responsible for any shipping/paypal fees. Ships from Canada. Measurements and more images...
After 2 weeks of owning one of the FW 2013 hoodies (non-zip) and one wash, there is a hole by the seam underneath the armpit. Pretty disappointing.
^Thanks for the input. Just to clarify, the pics I posted are PNS sz 29. I guess I'll do an exchange for sz 30 in the next few days and post pics again.
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