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Quote: Originally Posted by Eason JKISSI doing his thing and looking solid and comfortable. I shall bring nothing to the table in this house: I had no idea those jeans were up so high, they definitely lowered after the picture. You look like a gay bartender.
I understand the concept behind wearing colorful beaded bracelets with an otherwise formal outfit and/or chunky watch is meant to give the look some individuality; yet it is so frequently copied it is seems so depressingly try-hard to me. I get it: You're all exhibiting such sprezzatura. Runs contrary to the definition of the term, no?
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD J crew digs into the golden years of the past to set the landscape for what will ultimately be a dystopian future. A stroke of brilliance, and an absolutely necessary collection! God damn this is like my favorite label these days. I'm sure even Darth Vader has the odd pair of chinos, bra.
After several months apart, my GF met me at Penn Station wearing a black, belted trench and fuck-me stiletto heels. Underneath, she had on a black satin corset, tights, and little else... That was a good outfit.
You're right: There is nothing extraordinary about Berlin's choice of dress, but once you take the individual garments, his proportions, decent photography, and affable personality, you get a construct that is (visually) appealing to both the Internet Wizard and layman. Your look can work, but it doesn't on you, just as a seagull shirt and jorts might look ridiculous on another. Ahem... Creep.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Gentlemen, I appreciate the truth driven by words and not daggers. Just remember that whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of truth and knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods. You're under arrest for crimes against the fashionable, creep.
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