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I own several pairs of decent shoes, all of which that were sold with two shoe bags. Should one use a bag per shoe, or put the pair in one bag?
I want to grab a few pairs of replacement PS laces and I'm not willing to pay the ridiculous shipping charges. Anyone know how/where I can get them for a more reasonable rate? The retail shops, perhaps?
Quote: Originally Posted by macuser3of5 suit with fruity accessories Sprezzatura???
I'm interviewing for a FT "Contemporary Sportswear Sales Professional" with Bloomingdales soon and I'm hoping you guys might have some advice, especially with regards to appropriate attire. Clearly I'd like to dress to impress, but I'm not certain if I should attempt to dress like their sales associates, or more formally, perhaps in a suit. Thoughts? My background is in men's suiting and semi-formal clothing, though I wear many labels sold in Bloomingdales men's...
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert damn! I forgot there was a limit. What's my punishment? I think nearly 4k posts in a male clothing forum is punishment enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you Jumping on the tucked pants + trainers bandwagon Silhouette pic Jesus H. Christ you're ugly.
It's been an entertaining read, fellas. Cheers. If there has been a single, overwhelming, illuminating fact demonstrated by all of this whinging and bitch-slapping, it's that, with the exception of two or three regular members, you're all a bunch of ugly, petty, insecure creeps garbed in occasionally expensive, but mostly overpriced clothing.
Quote: Originally Posted by braidkid waywt's and light modifiers Your head is so bloody big and square; I've always thought you look like a Lego minifig.
What they're saying, Davine, is that you need to toss all that in favor of an ill-fitting buffalo plaid shirt, uninspired raw repro demin, and ugly, clunky work boots with obnoxious contrast stitching . Please see 95% of other threads in this forum for inspiration.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I hate unattractive people with the passion of the Christ. Greasy-faced rent boys in thrifted clothing should be more mindful of what spills from their gobs, creep.
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