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Fuck, you guys are losers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Could be worse, the sandals I was issued in jail squeaked like a goddamn dog toy. You know how embarrassing it is, your first night in, to squeak squeak squeak down the hallway while everyone watches you? Not likely as embarrassing as the first time your cellmate pulled down your pants.
I appreciate the helpful responses; the rest of you can die in a car fire. Just kidding.
Just returned home with a pair of heavily-discounted Ferragamos; the "Fantino" model, to be exact. As I walk around in the quiet of my own home I notice each shoe makes a "whoosh" and I can feel air being drawn over my feet, inside the shoe. Did I buy a size too big or is there a flaw with the pair? I appreciate your contributions.
Brand-new, with tags, never worn. "Original" color. Retails for $995. Yours for $750. Please PM or post any questions. Thanks.
It's for a Halloween costume. Looking for Dickies denim bib overalls in either LA or NYC.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar What about the shoe trees? Regards. Get a life.
I see a consensus is failing to form.
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