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Received a 40R and 38R Authentic from Sterlingwear earlier in the week. I'm 6', 175lbs, and have a 42" chest. The 38R fit well; quite slim, but not constricting. I was surprised at the quality of construction, but disappointed in the billowy arms and giant (and I mean giant) floppy collar. When popped, the collar made me look like a dilophosaurus. No thanks. Returned both, but YMMV.
I appreciate your empirical approach to sizing recommendations and do agree that size across manufacturers and with certain materials differs wildly, preventing objective suggestions in a void of context. However, given that we're discussing only a handful of garments in a handful of sizes that many of us have each had the experience of trying on/owning and comparing, I'm quite confident anecdotal observations are indeed valuable. This is especially apparent when so many...
My chest, measured, is 42 inches. The suits hanging in my closest are 38R. As I said, I find the J.Crew Bayswater in size medium a bit too big. The small is a bit too small. I will never wear a sweater underneath the coat and prefer a trim fit.With that, do you lot think I should order both a 38R and 40R?
Guys, I'm considering ordering a Sterlingwear Authentic, but not certain on sizing... For reference, I'm in-between a small and medium in the J.Crew Bayswater peacoat. I'm thinking 38R or 40R. What say you?
You look like a character from a Wes Anderson film.
Quote: Originally Posted by UrbanComposition Outerwear... [[SPOILER]] This all looks very good and the images have a distinct commercial vibe. Having said that, if you were my friend/brother/father, I'd be embarrassed to find you posing on the Internet in such a manner.
I am officially over the "vintage-effect" photo apps.
I bought several pairs of Woodlore Ultra trees in what I'm assuming is the correct size; the size recommended by Woodlore corresponds to the size of the shoes. When I insert the shoe tree, it fills the upper, puts quite a bit of tension on the vamp and straightens out the sole. I imagine this will help alleviate creases, but I'm concerned the tree is too big for the shoe. The tree is bigger than my foot. Please pardon my ignorance, but I appreciate your thoughts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician HOW TO BOOT TUCK: Pants must be skintight or have a sharp taper. Basically the key to a successful tuck is to make it look like that is the only possible way your outfit can go. A good test for aesthetic sucess is to ask yourself if you have to constantly re-tuck? if the answer is yes, it's probably not working It can be done with looser pants but they would need to be a very thin drapey material. ' The...
This is a load of tosh. I have a pair of four year-old Paul Smith oxfords I wear the hell out of and polish monthly with black Kiwi Parade Gloss. No cracks or damage and I constantly get complimented on their condition.
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