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I agree with a previous post: Socks are the new ties. You can get more creative with socks than with ties, and even if the socks are "funky," you can show more personality with less subtlety. I recently bought some Vivarati socks ( ) and I'm very happy with them.
Vivarati socks actually stay up on your leg and look great. They're great value since the price is $15 if you buy 3 pairs. I originally bought 3 pairs when the price was higher and they lasted longer than some other socks I own. So, I just picked up another 3 pairs from them. I have bought a bunch of Pantherella socks recently and was quite unhappy with the quality. For the price I paid I expected much more.
There is a great new dress sock brand called Vivarati @ They currently only have a few styles but they look great with suits and business wear. They are at the $18price point but if you buy 3 or more they become $15 each.
What about It might work for you. I wonder if the case will permanently bend the ties though...
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