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I Had a suit made for me at EA and I'm going for my first fitting in two weeks. I was unaware the default shoulders were so boxy and the quarters so closed. What should I do? I have a feeling the suit might come out as hercules'. I doubt you can change the shoulder now and have the quarters cut open at this stage? To all you guys with experience at EA please advise.
Never sent item, never refunded money, and now doesn't respond to pm or email. playdohh22
Waiting for several months on my refund...
I think I have one pair of jeans w/ zipper fly and whenever I wear them I forget to zip up after peeing about half the time. So freaking embarrassing. With button fly I never have this problem.
Are these prices shipped?
Bought new about a month ago. Looking for $180 obo shipped CONUS. Selling because it is a little too long. Size SMALL. There is slight indigo dye transfer presumably from my jeans that is visible on the tan colored lining.
What brands produce denim that have the same cut as the 501s? I know there are repros of older versions but I'm interested in something like the current 501. Thanks.
What denim has a fit similar to the 501 STFs? I can't seem to find anything. Thanks.
prices drops and Jcrew chino added
Quote: Originally Posted by pokey07 i hope you can because I plan on doing it this weekend. The only problem I see coming up is if you shorten it too much it'll look weird in comparison to button placement. I had to buy the large cause my shoulders and arms didn't fit in medium with a sweater on. With the L, the chest is a little loose and like you said length is too long. well let me know how that works and how much you paid. i seriously...
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